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The History Dr is strongly committed to its mission of illuminating America’s past and treating Amerinesia, a condition characterized by symptoms such as: Foggy understanding of past events, lack of recognition of where America has been, and poor vision about its future.


Recognizing that people learn differently, we offer several ways to get history healthy, including videos, the Boomerang blog about current events, special courses, webinars & online classes, tutoring and on-site talks and programs. If you’re an administrator or teacher, we have staff development, lesson plans, a blog dedicated to teaching American history and other resources for you too.


We hope you’ll join our free History Dr community for updates on our events, courses and blog posts, and special offers on our paid programs. I write a short briefing that comes once a week and includes links to everything that’s new. I never spam your inbox with sales pitches, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Raucous Caucus is our intensive half- and full-day program where participants experience historical events firsthand through authentic simulations.


The History Dr. is also available for online or onsite tutoring and private classes for community groups, associations, civic groups, historical societies and residential facilities. We are happy to provide pro bono presentations for disadvantaged schools and non-profits.


To learn more, contact us at Bob@HistoryDr.com or click above on “Consult the Dr.”  We look forward to talking to you about American history!