Staff Development Programs

Staff Development Should Produce Discernibly Better Instruction from Your Staff

So many professional development workshops are pure fluff–coffee and donuts and not much else. Maybe a big-name outside presenter who brings a lot of schtick and charm but little in the way of real improvement. I propose a better way.

You will see:

  • staff development workshopsStrong focus on solving actual problems in classrooms and institutions;
  • Genuine improvement in teaching methodology and execution;
  • Real lesson plan and project models that work, that are battle tested in real classrooms.


Praise from the New Jersey State Department of Education:

Your energy, expertise and commitment to your content area, New Jersey teachers and most importantly to our students, is evident in both your dynamic and creative classroom approach and the materials you graciously shared with our educators. Your passion for education and the teaching profession is contagious! You demonstrated the teaching profession at its finest, and, on behalf of the county office and Cumberland counties and districts, I want to thank you for taking the time and effort in preparing and providing such a valuable professional development opportunity for those attending.

—Janet Sfaelos, NJ Education Program Specialist

Praise from the Education Institute at Rowan University:

Over 78 percent of those who attended your two sessions rated them very good to excellent. One of the participants commented, “Good handouts from Mr. Galante, an inspiring presentation, too.” Thank you for your excellent presentation and I look forward to working with you again.

J. Harold Sahm, Ed.D., Assistant Director

Dynamic staff development programs for school districts:

  • Timed Writings and How to Grade Them
  • Putting Away the Drudgery: Getting Students Excited for School
  • The Mechanics of Teaching in the Digital Age: Accounting for the Distracted Learner
  • Four Simulations in American History
  • Why Your Morale Counts: Bringing Inspiration to New Teachers
  • Getting the Right Answer: Improving Your Questioning Technique


See three minutes from a speech about the importance of teachers:


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