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Fake News From Paul Revere to Iraq

    Fake news is a troubling trend yet not new.     Ben Franklin admitted to paying for false stories of Indian scalpings to justify evicting them from British-controlled lands. In 1835, the fledgling newspaper The Sun reported telescoping views of advanced civilization on the moon. The editors knew it was false but wanted to spark circulation.    ….Read more

A Child’s Story of the 1902 Coal Strike Horrifies the Country

The witness sat, surrounded by powerful men in business suits, bracing for interrogation. The Anthracite Coal Strike Commission of 1902 was taking testimony. The witness would be questioned about his role. His name was Andrew Chippie. He was eight years old.   The boy explained to the commission how, after the strike, coal company owner John Markle cancelled the day-to-day leases….Read more

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