Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!) about History Dr.com


What does it mean to join the History Dr community?


When you sign up for our mailing list, you receive personal updates about what’s going on with the History Dr online and offline. Because we suspect that your email inbox is already full, we try to keep our frequency to once a week, at most. We want to stay in touch but also to avoid the dreaded email pile up–you know, when you haven’t read the last one but the next one is already there. We want to hear your feedback and know whether we are talking about the things that you care about, and that you find helpful. Let us know in comments, or privately, through Bob@historydr.com.


Many sites offer free lesson plans, so why should I pay for yours?


Good question! Two reasons: The History Dr is offering free support for implementing each of our lesson plans, which you won’t find anywhere else, and our plans are not typical lesson plans that give you a reading and then some questions to discuss. Instead we provide the type of experiential, interactive plan that the History Dr used successfully in his own classroom for 30 years. These plans were developed and tested with students at all ability levels over decades. Each lesson is a blueprint for success. We know these plans inside and out and can help you adjust them to your needs. We think that’s worth what amounts to the price of a latté to help you with each day of planning. If you can’t decide, try one of our American history lesson plans for free here.


Why are you using a credit system?


We’ve set up a package system of credits, each of which is worth $1, to simplify purchasing transactions. The plans are priced so that you pay about $5 for each day of classroom planning, depending upon how much you spent for each credit (you pay less when you buy a larger package). When you buy longer lesson plans you’ll also save credits, for example, a weekly plan will cost less per day than five individual lesson plans. Once you decide how many credits you think you’ll want to use in a given time, you can make a one-time purchase and not have pay again. It works better for your online security as well as for convenience, and you’ll save money the more credits that you buy at a time.


How long do the credits last for?


They never expire and you can ask for a refund at any time of your remaining credits.



How do I purchase the credits/lesson plans?


You can buy credits easily. Go to the History Dr store. After browsing our lesson plans, click on any green button that says: “Buy credits,” at which point you’ll be prompted to register if you haven’t done so already. You may select from three packages. The more credits you buy, the larger the discount you will receive. Then you can finish your transaction by putting your plan(s) in your shopping cart. You can search by clicking on a historical period on this page’s index, or you can read the descriptions on the page, where the newest ones appear at the top. We are updating these weekly to offer you new lesson plans to choose from. If you change your  mind, you can remove anything from the cart by clicking on the red “x.” At checkout, your total credits will be shown at the bottom of the page. If you want to come back and use more credits later, you can just sign in. Your credits are good indefinitely and are refundable.


How do I contact the History Dr?


The History Dr can be emailed at Bob@Historydr.com, or you can leave him a message here. If you prefer to call, his number is 732-822-1634.