VIDEO: Are Confederate Monuments Preserving History or Condoning Oppression?

Elected officials have recently had to make some hard choices about Confederate monuments in their cities, such as the enormous Robert E. Lee statue in New Orleans.


Protesters say it’s whitewashing history and political correctness run amok. Robert E. Lee was a brilliant general and  more of a loyalist to his state of Virginia than a defender of slavery itself. But, he fought on the wrong side of history.


The History Dr looks at some of the controversies, including Princeton University’s dilemma about pro-segregation President Woodrow Wilson’s ubiquity on its campus.

What do Confederate monuments say about US history?



Where do we draw the line when it comes to commemorating the American past? In this 360 degree video, some say leave the statues alone; others say they’re an insulting, painful reminder of slavery to African Americans.


History is always a battle of ideas.


Our brief video explores further.



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