Engaging Distracted Students (VIDEO)

The human connection is crucial for teaching historyIf you’re a teacher you know the distraction I’m talking about here.


Even if you’re not a teacher, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to compete with the allure of technology. Using their phones gives your students a hit of dopamine, so it’s no wonder they resist putting them away.


We love what technology has brought us, but multitasking has failed


Were we anti-technology here at the History Dr, we wouldn’t be publishing a blog and creating videos. We love technology’s benefits.


In the classroom, however, the connection that most matters is the one between students and their teacher. That human connection is what cements learning. A distracted student is missing out on the full experience.


We’ve created a brief video to present three quick tips on what to do to focus on learning in your classroom. Forget multitasking. It’s a myth and our brains are not hard-wired to do it.


Watch “Three Tips for Teachers with Distracted Students”




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