VIDEO: Grading Hacks for Better Teaching

Stacks of papers to grade








Grading papers doesn’t have to be a demoralizing task that takes over your teaching and home life. In another grading post, I explain how representative sampling in grading can help you take a kid’s temperature, academically. Here I offer more general grading hacks.


Here are five tips that have helped me to improve and streamline my grading processes. I call them hacks because they are shortcuts to get to the same result, with less effort.


  1. Use speech recognition software instead of writing on papers to give feedback.
  2. Create a “comments and corrections” sheet.
  3. Grade on only one criterion at a time.
  4. Grade during commercial breaks! (applies to sports fans in particular)
  5. Grade papers with colleagues to establish standards and to stay on the same page.


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