[VIDEO] DisOrder in the Supreme Court



The Supreme Court plays an enormous role in the day-to-day lives of Americans. Think of the basic kitchen table issues at your house: The price of your medications, rising tuition bills, the cost of your daughter’s imported soccer cleats. Chances are the SCOTUS has ruled a case affecting those. The role and powers of the Court mean that the individual justices must be scrutinized by the Senate in its advise and consent capacity.


A ‘where were you’ moment for the Supreme Court?


The Brett Kavanaugh hearings in the fall of 2018 will probably go down as one of the craziest spectacles in Supreme Court history. But we’ve got some escapades for you, dear reader, that occurred possibly before your birth. Stay tuned. Alexander Hamilton, one of the founders, supported a strong federal government. Was this what he had in mind?


A tale of three justices


This five minute video shares a few other galvanizing moments in Supreme Court history, curated for your enjoyment. Far from being perfect arbiters, many justices have shown they are all too human.

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