Spy’s Dilemma Lesson Plan for US History

If you teach US history, your students don’t want more lecturing–they want to experience American history! That’s what this unique lesson plan provides, and more.


Save preparation time and have a fun and memorable class with the History Dr’s Spy’s Dilemma. What is it? A unique class debate project, in lesson plan format, suitable for 8-12th grade American history classes. It’s a blueprint for a stimulating critical thinking exercise around pivotal questions of containment and Cold War politics.


You’ll receive:

  • Step-by-step easy to use directions to reduce your prep time
  • Topics include containment and relevant documents for 3 days of stimulating challenges
  • Sample grading rubric you can copy
  • Sample Document-Based Question (DBQ) and essay prompt



Not sure whether you want to do this with your class? Try our free Constitution bingo game and see how much your class responds to an activity that keeps them on their toes. Robert Galante, aka The History Dr, has been refining his lessons plans for 30 years and puts his personal support behind every product. When properly motivated, your students will succeed and will remember your classes for years to come. Contact History Dr at our Facebook page, YouTube channel or privately through Bob@historydr.com.


Click here to give Spy’s Dilemma a try. It’s printable for your own use in your classroom right away and will cost you only $5 for a memorable three-day class project that you can use every year, for as long as you like.